Moluk Boi - Bath Toy

by Moluk


The Moluk Boi floats and dances in and out of the bathtub. Is it a penguin, a duck or some other bird? For those of a certain vintage, it's a waterproof, floating, minimalist, oversized Weeble... and it's a lot of fun.

No matter how you spin or roll it, Boi always gets back upright again and continues to bravely explore the world. The sleek wobble toy with the weighted bottom perfectly fits small hands and playfully teaches children about cause and effect as well as training hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

The Boi is a great water toy for the bath or sink and is also fine and fun on dry land... Touch, See & Learn


  • Made of high-quality, food-grade ABS and silicone rubber.
  • Suitable for children of age 3 and over

These are the kind of toys we really love - years of fun in the bathroom, pool, lounge, playroom - easy to clean without all the hygiene worries of the ducks and their black gunk, and open enough to play with imagination. The boi is different - it's quirky, good clean fun and both simple and versatile. A firm favourite and pocket-friendly too.