Moluk Plui Rain Ball - Bath Toy

by Moluk


The Moluk Plui Rain Ball is a bright and colourful water toy, great for bathtime, paddling, pool or beach. The Rain Ball has a silicone base and creates big water fountains. The feet make the balls almost creature like and are available in 3 primary colours, meaning you can make a little family of them.

This toy, as with the Plui Rain Cloud from the same family can be used to introduce little ones to showering too. Great for independent play and playtime with their grown-ups. The Rain Ball can be opened for thorough cleaning, so it is robust and hygienic, with a long active life


  • Made of high-quality, food-grade ABS and silicone rubber.
  • Suitable for children of age 2 and over for independent play
  • Available in bright blue, green and yellow

The cleaning mechanism is what really sold this to us. Our 3 sons have always loved their bath times and will play for hours with floats and boats... We've had many a 'sneak the dirty impossible to clean toy in the bin'  - few have passed without incident. The Plui Rain Ball is a lot of fun and it can stay that way for years. The bright colours are great for little ones, and the availability in multiple colours expands the possibilities for imaginative play. We guess it also solves the argument over who owns which one... Maybe.