MyWeeTeepee Makes Its Debut at Casa All Mama's Children

Our youngest boy Mani was 3 this weekend, so we are now officially a baby free house (yay! / boo! - delete as appropriate). Moving from baby to boy is an easy transition when you've older siblings to follow.. Mani is all action... he and his brothers love to make dens around the house. As house proud parents and creative professionals, there's a conflict of interest between blissfully happy children and a wonderfully harmonious interior.

myweeteepee cosmo play den in bay window of victorian home

(pictured - my son Mani and his first love Poppy in the play teepee)

Enter the teepee.. The cosmo is a calico type cotton and natural wood teepee detailed in neutral greys and subtle browns, so it sits beautifully in the lounge without the "noise" of rowdy Fisher Price colour palettes. The tie back doors close to the floor so the den becomes a tidy toy storage once the cherubs have downed tools for the night.

The cosmo is a permanent feature on the ground floor at home for the next few years; hopefully bringing the children as much pleasure in its daytime function as it does us as a room tidy with a lit fire and a glass of red once all is quiet on the Western Front.

The teepee sits comfortably in the bay window and has had five 3-9 year olds sat playing in it at one time. The cosmo is one of several designs from Myweeteepee  available now on our site.

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