Make Bath Time Fun Time With Cuddledry Bath Towels

Cuddledry Toddler Dressing Up TowelsGirls and boys love wearing Cuddledry's adorable dressing up towels and we think they look pretty cute in them too. Designed specifically to make bath time fun time for your little ones and encourage imaginative play, they make getting out of the water as much fun as being in it.

Made with a luxurious double layer of cashmere-soft organically grown cotton and bamboo mix towelling, they are kind to sensitive skin and will keep them super warm and cosy until it's time to get dressed. We also love how soft and fluffy they stay, no matter how often you wash them.

Both the baby and toddler range include a gorgeous selection of animal inspired prints, as well as more plain designs. From the super snuggly Cuddlepaw, with its stunning snow leopard design to the cute and colourful Cuddleroar, with its dragon like spiny back, you can really let their imaginations run wild.

Cuddledry Handsfree Apron Bath Towels
The baby range also includes Cuddledry’s fabulous handsfree apron towels which have won over 40 awards for making life easier for parents. Designed by parents for parents, they take the stress out of bath time so you can enjoy bonding with your baby. The simple, yet brilliant design allows you to wear the towel like an apron, leaving both hands free to safely get your baby out of the bath and straight into your arms to be cuddled dry.

"Its great - easy to use and now we would find it hard to go back to a conventional baby towel" - Tamzin Outhwaite, actress

Cuddledry towels are not just great for bath time, they are also perfect for packing in your suitcase and taking on holiday. They take up very little room in your beach bag or backpack, although your kids probably won’t want them to be packed away. Ideal for fun family days at the pool or beach, they will quickly keep your little ones warm and dry as they jump in and out of the water.

A popular choice for babies and toddlers, Cuddledry towels make a wonderful gift for someone special. They are perfect for baby showers, new babies, birthdays and Christmas, or a special holiday treat. So if you’re stuck for ideas and want to give someone a gift that is beautiful, fun and practical, you really can’t go wrong with a Cuddledry towel!

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