The Bloke With The Powder Blue Teddy Bag

I'll admit it, it's a bit shallow of me, but a pet hate of mine was jumping out of the car, all denim, brogues and quilted jackets, a faint whiff of quality scent, fresh faced, coiffed and ready for lunch with the kids and a few friends at a decent local, and ruining the whole damned thing with a powder blue teddy bear bag... seriously.. Louis never cared what his nappies were carried in, he only cared about filling them. I'm not saying my children should be fashion accessories, but I don't see why my accessories shouldn't be.. Which is where Storksak step in. 

A decent changing bag for the fashion conscious woman about town is easy enough to come by, but as a man, I don't particularly want to be dragging a spangly tote about the place either. Storksak create tailor made changing bags that are discreet, stylish and male focussed. You could as easily be carrying your tablet, journal, phone and keys as pureed prune and pear nonsense, a fist of bibs and a pouch of bum wipes.. Which, we think at least, is exactly how it should be.

We now stock key pieces from the Storksak range for men that look as at home on your hip as the favourite work bag.

Take a look at our full range of stylish and practical dad bags at

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