Connecta Luxury Organic Denim Carriers

Having searched high and low for a baby carrier that was not only excellent quality but looked great too, Connecta's denim 100% organic baby carrier, stood out to us from all the rest. Designed for parents by parents, this is one of the most stylish and well made baby carriers on the market, and it's a baby carrier that both mums and dads are proud to wear. 

As fashion conscious parents, with a passion for design, we share the same philosophy as Connecta and believe comfort shouldn’t mean a compromise on style. This is just one of the many reasons why we love their products so much. Contemporary designs, like the denim Connecta, give parents the opportunity to carry their baby and feel connected, in comfort and style.

Whether a first time parent or an experienced carrier user, parents love how easy these carriers are to use. There are no complex fastening processes; just 3 simple clips is all it takes to fit the carrier and hold your baby close to you. The crossable straps are designed to provide optimum comfort and ideal weight distribution for the baby and wearer, while the adjustable seat gives you the flexibility to re-position your child as they grow so you can use the carrier from birth right through to toddlerhood. 

Lightweight, supportive, compact and easily adjustable, these carriers are an invaluable family addition and pack away small enough to fit in most handbags!  

If you are looking for gift ideas, these beautiful organic denim carriers are perfect for parents who love to look stylish. Ideal for new babies, Birthdays and Christmas, they often feature at the top of parents wish lists, as a practical and stylish gift, for every day use. 

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