Pay It Forward Results

Pay It Forward Results

Thank you to friends for promoting and customers for purchasing from us over the Black Friday / Cyber Monday weekend.

This year our chosen charity for our pay it forwards sale was Young Minds, a charity promoting better mental health for our young people.

We choose not to do on site discounts and promotions around seasonal sales, preferring to get stocking and pricing right all year round. That said we also recognise that it is a bumper time of year and a perfect time to help people who need it. We said this year that we'd donate 20% of our profits from sales over the 4 days. This amounted to £355.00.

We calculated the figure by removing VAT, wholesale purchase prices, staff basic salaries and costs postage from our sales figures and then applying the 20% multiplier. 

We're sure that our contribution will be put to good use tackling mental health issues for children around the UK.

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