Customer Care Survey

On Thursday, February 15th, we launched our new All Mama's website. Many of you who browsed the site for longer sessions took the time to answer our survey, thank you very much for your time and comments.

We've been monitoring the site closely looking for errors and problems and your feedback has had a great part to play too. We've replaced the survey with a feedback button so do please continue to pass on any comments you may have.

The survey results were...

Do you like the overall site design?
Yes: 100% (Thank you!!)
No: 0%

Do you find the site easy to navigate?
Very Easy: 88% 
Fine When You Know How: 12%
Other: 0%

Do you feel that we are trustworthy and can give you what you need?
Yes: 78% 
Don't Know: 22%
Other: 0%

Do you feel that our pricing is fair and competitive?
Yes: 79% 
Don't Know: 10%
No: 10%

Thanks to everyone again for giving us your feedback. We will continue to improve the website and take as many of the private comments on board as possible. We are still relatively new and we're working hard on trust and our product ranges. As for pricing, we do monitor pricing around the web and are mindful of what we charge. We don't have the volume of the national retailers to match some of the sales promotions and bulk discounts, but despite that, we do try to maintain as tight as possible margin on products in order to provide good value for you and a sustainable business for us. Rest assured that prices are under continuous review and savings that we make from suppliers are passed on at every opportunity.